--"Welcome to the RPG Character Employment Office. The staff here are compassionate, kind, and dead set on getting you back on the table. How long has it been since you've adventured? Oh, that's much too long. Let's get you back in service, yeah? I'll need to get some information from you. Let's begin, shall we?"

--Representative of the Player Character's Avocation Program

Character Templates and Vault Characters:

A Vault Character is like a character sheet; it contains all of a character's information, including their stats, attributes, background, and more. When you create a Vault Character, you can then import this character into any game you create in Astral. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Vault Characters vs Character Templates
  2. Setting Up Vault Characters
  3. Character Templates In-Game

Vault Characters vs Character Templates:

To start, let's define the difference between the two. A vault character is a character you created from the Vault, or a character you saved to the vault from a game. This character can then be imported to other games at will. Everything in the Vault Character's details, including actions, rolls and notes will be imported to the game as well. By default, when importing a character, we filter to characters whose system matches the game's system, but you can uncheck the filter to import any character. That character won’t be modified in any way by the template.

A Character Template is the building blocks for a Vault Character. Character Templates contain the standard details, actions, notes and information commonly used in a specific system. These templates are system-specific, so a template from one system may not be useful in another system. With a template, you can build a personalized character that will be quickly ready to run in games!

(TL;DR Character Templates are used to quickly build characters to be used in games, vault characters are ready-to-play characters made by you that can be imported into games.)

Setting Up Vault Characters:

Character templates appear at the top of the Character Vault. You can click on the template to immediately create a character in your vault based on that template. Select a template to start. 

This opens up the Character Window, which is the same as the Window that shows in the platform when you open the Character Window in-game. This character will have pre-filled attributes and actions designed for it's specific system. Editing this character will automatically save changes to the Vault. This can be useful for getting all of your characters ready in advance.

After you have set this character up, you can upload that character to as many games as you wish, like your own personal template. 

Character Templates In-Game

Vault Characters are only visible to you, unlike Character Templates. Character Templates are global, being shared across all of the Astral community. If you'd like to submit a template to be shared, please check our Community Content Section

Creating characters on-the-fly In-Game can be a hassle, but here's another place where Character Templates shine. When creating your game, be sure to specify the system being used! If a character template exists for that system, all tokens made in-game will be created with the existing character template, if one exists.  

If you choose a system that doesn't yet have a template, it will look like this:

When you select a system which has a template, the following text appears:

When creating characters in-game: If the game has a system which has a template already created in Astral, that template will automatically apply to all characters created in that game, by new players, the GM’s “New Character” button, or via the quick-add character tool.

Remember, you can always reach out on the Forums or Discord with any questions or comments! You can also use the bug reporting form, or drop us a line at support@astraltabletop.com if there are any problems.

Happy Adventuring!